Saturday, October 13, 2012

Republican Cry Babies (With Update)

This comment from a reader with regard to the VP debate made me laugh:
Biden, Ryan at each other on everything...
CNN POLL: R 48% B 44%...
Chris Wallace: I've never seen a candidate as disrespectful as Biden...
Borger: Came Off As Condescending...
Hume: 'Cranky Old Man'...
Biden Interrupted Ryan 82 Times?
Whaaaaa!! Christ, what a bunch of whiners. The commenter cites FoxNews criticism of Biden? FoxNews personalities don't like Joe Biden?  Wow, what a shock.

The commenter cites the CNN poll? Really? That snap poll was so skewed toward Republicans that CNN had to actually put up a disclaimer saying exactly that. Yet even with this heavy skew toward GOP voters, the poll basically showed the debate to be a tie, which was bad news for Republicans.  It did not simply poll undecided voters like CBS did. 

How do you know that the CBS poll is right in showing a huge Biden win?  Because the only person everybody was talking about after the debate was Joe Biden.  That's all FoxNews was talking about.

So Fox is pissed off that Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times.  You know what pissed me off?  That Biden didn't interrrupt Ryan 100 times or more. I lost count of how many instances I was screaming at the television for Biden to interrupt Ryan when the Congressman was telling another one of his whoppers and Biden didn't do it.

The RNC didn't like Biden's laughter? That was probably my favorite part of the whole debate. In fact, Biden didn't laugh enough in my opinion, given how full of shit Ryan was the other night. The person who posted the above-quoted comment apparently wasn't smart enough to figure out that if Fox and the RNC are this pissed off at Biden, then Biden must have won and won big.

Not only should a debater in Biden's position do the kind of stuff that he did -- you have to do it, and do it as often as you possibly can.  That's because these are no longer debates.  The Romney campaign is using them as infomercials to introduce Mitt Romney 3.0, this moderate who loves regulation, cares about poor people, and would never ever consider lowering taxes on rich people or raising them on the Middle Class. 

Usually, by this time in the election cycle, the policies of each campaign are well-know by everyone, and the debates take place to, well . . .  actually debate these policies.  Not this cycle.  I've never seen a presidential campaign try to remake itself during the actual debates -- but it is happening now.

Call it good politics, call it a mockery of the process. I don't care. The bottom line is when someone tries to pull shit like this, you really need to hit back aggressively.  And if that means interrupting your opponent mid-prevarication or smiling in contempt as much as you possibly can, then so be it. 

And that is what Biden did on Thursday night, perhaps not enough to my liking, but it was a good start.

UPDATE:  And this is for all you Democrat cry-babies -- the ones I ranted against last Thursday -- who say I'm not paying enough attention to the polls.  Apparently this Romney momentum that is causing you all to repeatedly soil yourselves just hasn't caught hold in The Grand Canyon State.

Rocky Mountain just released this new poll on the presidential race in Arizona, a state with eleven electoral votes:
After trailing Mitt Romney by as much as eight points in days immediately following the Presidential debate, the President is now in a statistical tie with Romney in Arizona both as regards the overall electorate and among those mostly likely to cast ballots. While Obama leads Romney by two points in the race for President, the gap is within the study’s margin of error and basically means they are in a dead heat.
Yes, you read that right -- Obama has more than closed an eight-point gap in Arizona, and did so after a debate performance that caused so many brain aneurysms in so many progressives.

Bottom line: You can now officially add Arizona to the list of swing states.

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